Salem Presbyterian Church is a church in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Presbyterians are distinguished by our custom of choosing elders (“presbuteros” in the New Testament) to lead and guide the church. This representative form of government was, to an extent, the pattern for our nation’s government.

Presbyterians are “people of the Book.” We believe the Bible to be God’s Word. We study it, it forms the center of our worship, and we seek to live in such a way as to express its meaning and relevancy for today.

Presbyterian doctrine is outlined in our Book of Confessions — a collection of faith statements dating from the third-century Apostles’ Creed. Presbyterian government is contained in our Book of Order.

Presbyterians trace our historical roots to Jesus Christ and the Apostles, as described in the New Testament. John Calvin was called “the father of Presbyterianism” during the Reformation, and much of his theology is at the heart of the Reformed theological tradition of which we are a part. Settlers in America during the American Revolution brought the Presbyterian Church with them from their native lands.

Presbyterians believe in a triune God, whom we call “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” — our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.

Presbyterians recognize two sacraments: Baptism unites us with Christ and his church, and since the water is symbolic, can be done by effusion (“sprinkling”) or immersion (in a body of water). The Lord’s Supper renews and nourishes us with Christ’s spiritual presence as we gather around his table and celebrate him as our host and Savior.

Presbyterians emphasize the priesthood of all believers. All members are encouraged to join the pastors in compassionate ministry and mission. Pastors and laity serve together in mission and in worship.

Presbyterians encourage constant prayer, regular Bible reading and study, active worship of the Lord, love of neighbors, and a passion for justice.

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Presbyterian Church (USA)

Presbyterian Church (USA)