Our mission, inspired by God through the Holy Spirit, is to be a visible sign of God’s love for all people by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed, so that all people may come to know Him as Lord and Savior.

As we seek to fulfill our mission, Salem Presbyterian Church (SPC) invites you to worship God with us:

  • Our worship is to the glory of God and is open to all.

  • We hear the Word of God proclaimed in Scripture, sermon, sacraments, and song.

  • Through God’s Word, prayer, and the Holy Spirit, we know the one true God revealed in Jesus Christ.

  • All believers are invited to acknowledge and experience God’s grace in the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Christ’s call to salvation and discipleship:

  • We call on all to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior;

  • And to live joyfully in the knowledge of the daily presence of Christ and the assurance of His salvation.

  • We encourage all persons to follow Jesus Christ by living and proclaiming the Good News of His love and salvation.

An invitation to grow through Christian education:

  • God reveals Himself in the Bible, which provides the authoritative standard for learning about, understanding the meaning of, and growing in Christian faith.

  • The purpose of our Christian education ministry is to know the content of the Bible, to understand our experiences and relationships in light of the Bible, to provide a standard for moral conduct, and to pass on to succeeding generations the knowledge of the truth and the salvation offered by God in Christ.

A call to serve:

  • We are a community of Christian disciples who seek to serve the Lord and others in His name, especially the voiceless, powerless, and those in need.

  • We encourage you to join us in witnessing to the love and peace of God by ministering to the least and last, by visiting the sick and those in prison, by comforting the bereaved, by befriending the stranger, and by working for peace and justice throughout the world.

An invitation to membership:

  • The Pastor and Associate Pastor are available to discuss what it means to be a member of the Body of Christ at SPC.

  • SPC’s Session receives members by affirmation of faith, reaffirmation of faith, and letter of transfer from another church.

  • We also offer an “affiliate membership” to college students and others residing temporarily in our community who wish to retain their membership in another church.